At ECOM Cocoa we are continually expanding our global footprint to provide superior service and quality cocoa products to meet the needs of our clients worldwide. Our operations, which are involved in the trading, processing, shipping, and delivery of cocoa products, as well as the financing of local farmers, participate at all levels of the industry.

Servicing the worldwide chocolate industry from origin to production line.

ECOM Cocoa’s global presence allows for total involvement throughout the trade. Whether it is financing the local cocoa farmers, trading commodities, or processing and shipping a variety of beans, ECOM Cocoa is committed to delivering quality cocoa products, with excellent service, to meet the needs of each of our clients worldwide.

In the mid-1980’s, the cocoa department initiated its operations at ECOM. Cocoa trading offices initially opened in the United States and Brazil and underwent rapid expansions due in part to the support, infrastructure, and experience of ECOM’s coffee and cotton departments. ECOM Cocoa opened additional offices in Europe, North America, and Africa in the 1990s. Through each of these efforts we have developed a stable foundation, further solidifying our global presence.

Today, ECOM Cocoa has operations in the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, China, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, strong partnerships in Ghana and cocoa processing plants in Holland, Malaysia and Mexico.

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