With over twenty offices and representatives worldwide, ECOM Coffee is continually working to expand its experience and partnerships to provide clients a personalized professional service and unmatched quality.

In 1935, ECOM Agroindustrial opened its first coffee office in São Paulo, Brazil. Since then, the ECOM Coffee Group has expanded its partnerships across five continents to become the second-largest coffee trader in the world. By maintaining operations and offices in many diverse regions, ECOM has the proximity and agility to innovate and develop new programs that ultimately result in a better quality product and grown in a sustainable manner.

Each of ECOM’s global offices vary in their expertise and deliver the resources needed to guarantee that the products and services provided – as consultant, processor, and merchant – are of an exceptional quality. Over time, ECOM has developed into a global entity that is committed first and foremost to its customers, successfully developing a multitude of long-standing relationships with producers and roasters of green coffee in every major coffee producing and consuming country in the world. It is this dedication and grass roots involvement that has contributed to ECOM’s success as a leader in the industry.