Caring for Climate Services

2022-04-13T02:25:44+00:00Cocoa Projects|

In June 2021, ECOM signed up to the Science Based Target Initiative and pledged to become Net Zero by 2050. To achieve this goal, ECOM will be providing climate services to help reach greenhouse gas targets, as part of its [...]

Mars Announcement

2022-04-13T01:39:30+00:00Cocoa Projects|

Mars Wrigley engages in a climate-smart venture to catalyze a shift towards Modern Sustainable Cocoa Farming. Joins forces with 12Tree and ECOM on the Andean Cacao venture to regenerate an initial 2,000+ hectares of unproductive farmland in Latin America Establishes [...]

ECOM’s Climate Pledge

2022-04-13T01:39:23+00:00Cocoa Projects|

  ECOM’s Climate Pledge The Climate Crisis has created systemic problems to the environment and demands fundamental behavioral change. Companies, individuals, and communities around the world must align and take a genuine stance to protect future generations and ensure the [...]

Cotton Biodiversity

2022-04-19T14:27:31+00:00Cocoa Projects|

Cotton is of the most important crops for humanity, placed among the top ten most widely grown and the largest non-food crop worldwide. It is a shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions, including the Americas, Africa, Egypt, and India. [...]

Ivory Coast

2022-02-02T06:49:05+00:00Cocoa Projects|

Ivory Coast - Cocoa Development Centers Take Off - ECOM becomes first supply chain partner to build CDC Comment from a guest, Peter van Grinsven, Mars Cocoa Sustainability Director of the Operations and Origins department That’s why we’re proud to [...]


2022-02-02T06:50:58+00:00Cocoa Projects|

Indonesia - Training of the Sustainable Agriculture Standards In Indonesia, the industry has seen declines in both quality and yields in recent years. This and the global demand for certified cocoa led ECOM to consider Indonesia as another country of [...]


2022-02-02T06:51:34+00:00Cocoa Projects|

Nicaragua is considered to have excellent potential as a cocoa producing country. In 2011, Exportadora Atlantic was approached by many international development organizations interested in helping farmers renovate old farms and plant new area with cocoa. In collaboration, Atlantic is [...]


2022-02-02T06:52:03+00:00Cocoa Projects|

Mexico experienced an approximate 50% reduction in the production of cocoa since the disease moniliasis (frosty pod rot) first struck cocoa farms in 2005. Of the two cocoa growing regions in Mexico, Chiapas has encountered significant obstacles in overcoming the [...]


2021-05-14T21:34:13+00:00Cocoa Projects|

Ecuador - Training for Utz certification In Ecuador, small scale cocoa producers in the region of Manabi have received little training in good agricultural practices and as a result most farmers encounter very low yields. In the fall of 2011, [...]

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