As market and consumer demands change, the cocoa industry must react accordingly, streamlining manufacturing processes, creating unique applications, and developing new products.

At ECOM Cocoa we are taking every necessary measure to ensure we continue to evolve with the changing needs of the global industry. By increasing our presence at origin and forming more business relationships, we are well prepared to build sophisticated processing facilities with the latest technology delivering top quality cocoa products.

Our processing plants in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Mexico are key components in providing ECOM Cocoa with the versatility needed in today’s market.

Dutch Cocoa

Dutch Cocoa products are manufactured in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in a facility with a 70,000 MT/year grinding capacity. The versatility of this factory allows us to offer a very wide spectrum of natural and alkalized powders, whether medium-or high-fat and often tailor-made to our client’s specific needs. We also offer cocoa liquor in liquid form, block or kibbled, as well as deodorised cocoa butter. Almost half of the output comprises of sustainable and certified products such as UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Fair Trade and other standards. We are happy to accept both smaller orders (with a minimum of 10 MT) up to large year contracts.

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AMCO cocoa products are produced at our wholly-owned AMCO cocoa processing plant in Veracruz, Mexico. The plant has a grinding capacity of 40,000MT/year and the capability to provide Organic Fair Trade and other certified products. AMCO cocoa powder is produced to mainly serve the local market in Mexico, while the majority of AMCO’s excellent cocoa butters and liquors are exported to the United States.

ECOM Cocoa

ECOM Cocoa products are produced at JB Cocoa, our co-owned Malaysian facility, currently operating at a 50,000MT/year capacity (with a maximum capacity of 150,000MT/year). ECOM Cocoa powders (natural and alkalized), butter, and liquor are commercialized worldwide through this facility.