ECOM Cocoa offers a variety of products to its customers.

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ECOM Cocoa Beans

ECOM’s global representation, which includes offices on all five continents, provides immediate access to a variety of cocoa. ECOM Cocoa sources beans from the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Mexico and Ecuador, as well as from many other regions.

ECOM’s proximity to its production origins means that its traders are constantly aware of crop and weather forecasts and other factors that may affect cocoa bean supplies and prices. In addition, the team is well versed in sampling and performing bean cut tests to ensure that the beans sourced meet the strictest quality standards. All of this information is openly exchanged among its exporting and trading operations, which keeps each office aware of crop quality and availability. ECOM also passes this knowledge onto its customers, providing premium, quality beans along with analyses of current and future market trends.


Cocoa Liquor

Cocoa liquor is made through the process of roasting and grinding the cocoa beans. The special blends of beans and specific roasting parameters ensure the best quality and consistency of the cocoa liquor.


Cocoa Cake

Cocoa liquor destined for processing into cocoa butter and cake is refined to a very small particle size, while for chocolate manufacturing it does not need to be as finely ground. The liquor is put into hydraulic presses that remove a percentage of the cocoa butter, leaving behind a cake.


Cocoa Butter

Pure Prime Pressed Butter (PPP Butter) is obtained from cocoa liquor by means of mechanical pressing. No subsequent refining other than filtration is employed.


Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder has the widest spectrum of all cocoa products.  While blending and roasting of beans and the pressing of butter allow for changes, the alkalization or Dutch Process allows for a greater variety of colors, flavors and applications.