From the processing of coffee cherries, to the export and delivery of green coffee, ECOM is involved in all aspects of the supply chain. The ECOM logistics department handles issues involving warehousing, movement, and steamship lines, while its trading department handles sales, futures and options, and contracts for both current and upcoming crop harvests.


Small producers, plantation owners, grower co-operatives, and specialty and commercial roasters represent just a few of ECOM’s suppliers and clients. With such a diverse network of partners and clients, ECOM is able to tailor its services to meet the needs of all customers at any level of the industry. From start to finish, the coffee business is complex, but with the level of vertical integration made possible by ECOM’s global operations, involvement can be maintained at all times to ensure that relationships with clients, warehouses, farmers, and roasters remain both strong and successful.


As competition levels rise, roasting companies are turning to advancements in electronic sorting, blending, and steaming to expand their product and consumer base. ECOM works with its clients to keep pace with these market changes and meet new challenges, and in the process, help them to increase their consumer recognition. One innovative approach is the collection of coffee brands available exclusively through the ECOM Group. These Arabica and Robusta coffees can be used in both the specialty and commercial sectors, providing roasters with a unique yet versatile product. These ECOM brands give clients an extra edge they may need to enter or create niche markets.