ECOM Cotton is focused on the integrated origination and distribution of all grades and varieties of cotton, including short staple, upland, long staple and pima cottons.

As a natural product, cotton is in high demand for clothing and other textile products. Its unique breathability makes it the fabric of choice for numerous applications. Despite the efforts of seed stock hybridization and genetic modification, cotton is an annual field crop that can widely vary in character due to the vagaries of weather conditions. This gives great importance to the global originators of cotton, who must use detailed knowledge of the textile mill’s needs in order to source and select cottons to meet the manufacturers’ technical requirements.


ECOM Cotton is present in all major exporting and consuming countries and supplies domestic and international mills in all major sectors: yarn, denim, home furnishings, medical and industrial applications, broad cloth, towel and a full range of specialist applications. All cottons handled by ECOM are closely monitored for quality through dedicated hand classing and HVI facilities.