ECOM’s Climate Pledge

indonesia_project_1The Climate Crisis has created systemic problems to the environment and demands fundamental behavioral change. Companies, individuals, and communities around the world must align and take a genuine stance to protect future generations and ensure the preservation of human life on Earth. ECOM is committed to act accordingly on this path, one that will surely bring new challenges to the supply chain, production processes, business and individual practices, which must be tackled with a sense of urgency.

ECOM pledges to have Net Zero emissions in their value chain by 2050 and sign up to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). This science-based target will contribute to the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees centigrade by 2050. Our emissions reduction scope includes our direct operations and extends further to the entire supply chain (scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3, according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol).
Becoming a Net Zero company is a complex task that requires cooperation and collaboration across the industry, and ECOM intends to lead in this effort with experts, suppliers, clients, and various other stakeholders in our value chain. We will also continue to strengthen our supply chain by helping the farmers we work with become more resilient to climate change and the challenges global warming poses. One of our aims is to provide our customers with lower footprint commodities (CO2eqkg/product) and eventually deliver carbon neutral commodities.
We are already committed to improving the environment in which we operate. All members of the value chain share the responsibility to improve environmental practices and implement greenhouse gas impact reductions, such as agroforestry, making efficient use of natural resources, proper recycling and disposal of waste and limiting the excessive use of pesticides and deforestation.
As a family company with a long history, there is a strong organizational culture of responsibility to improving and ensuring sustainability for the next generation. We commit to identifying and allocating the resources needed to contribute to the global goals for emissions reduction and thereby regenerate the environment for future generations. As a leading global commodities merchant and supply chain management company, we pledge to join the combat against climate change.