ECOM is one of the leading suppliers of commodity raw materials and related services to coffee roasters, cotton textile mills, and chocolate manufacturers worldwide.

It is a uniquely origin-integrated company, meaning it is focused on buying from producers at origin, providing primary processing, logistics and risk management services and selling to the branded product manufacturers. Origin-integration allows the company to act as the sole intermediary and an integrated supplier, partnering stakeholders throughout the supply chain from local farmers to primary processers and manufacturers to help improve the health, education and environmental training of the local source communities and ensure sustainable industry for generations to come.



One of the top 2 coffee traders in the world. Sustainable sales growing at a CAGR 38% over the past 5 years Operation in 29 countries


Among the Top 5 International Cotton Merchants in the world Increasing operations in India and other Origin operations in 10 countries


3rd Largest cocoa supplier in the world Origin operations in 6 countries


Pork production in Mexico


Focus on improving farmer productivity and quality, leading to lower cost and higher incomes. Our goal is for farmers to produce more and better product and for coffee, cocoa and cotton farming to be dignified and profitable profession for years to come.

ECOM: and "origin integrated" company
  • Provides training and services to farmers to improve and finance production
  • Procures product directly from farmers
  • Develops traceable, certified and client-specific supply chains
  • Provides initial raw material processing to prepare products for export
  • Provides raw material price-risk management
  • Manages physical flows of products to manufacturers and matches supply with technical demand specifications