Guiding Quality From the Field to Finished Product

The global cocoa supply chain is complex. It involves multiple geographies and stakeholders.

ECOM Cocoa is active at every touchpoint along this chain, simplifying the process for our customers right from the start. At farm level, our expert agronomists help farmers around the world transition to resilient and adaptable growing methods with climate-smart techniques that improve yields and protect livelihoods. We also act as on-the-ground support for the sustainability programmes of our diverse customer base, including managing farm-level programmes and gathering data for progress reporting.

At ECOM, we trade directly with farmers and co-operatives to purchase beans. Some of these are sold straight to our customer base, while others are processed into cocoa mass, butter, cake or powder.

The scale and depth of our processing knowledge gives ECOM leading expertise in the alkalisation, roasting and grinding processes that are essential to the quality of any product using cocoa.

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