Indonesia – Training of the Sustainable Agriculture Standards

indonesia_project_1In Indonesia, the industry has seen declines in both quality and yields in recent years. This and the global demand for certified cocoa led ECOM to consider Indonesia as another country of priority for its sustainable initiatives.

In 2011, ECOM hired a local Manager for Sustainable Cocoa. After identifying a first group of 500 farmers in Binuang District (Polman), he started to train and mobilize lead farmers who would then deliver training on the Sustainable Agriculture Standards in order to succeed the Rainforest Alliance Certified certification. Today ECOM’s local company, TMCI, counts 4 field facilitators, each following 250 farmers. At the end of 2011, ECOM completed its first Rainforest Alliance Certified audit in Indonesia with more than 1,000 farmers.

By developing this initiative, ECOM expects to have more control on the quality and also on the traceability of the cocoa. The good quality certified cocoa will of course be subject to a premium that would benefit the farmers and their communities. The increase of their income will also come from the yield increase they will enjoy thanks to good practices learnt through training.