In 1996, ECOM established its first operation in Africa – Kawacom Uganda Limited. Focusing initially on the export of natural Ugandan robusta coffee, the office later expanded its services by incorporating new and innovative processing and export procedures into its daily obligations.  The company has grown significantly since 1996, from a small company in rented premises, to a market leader, with processing units and buying stations throughout the country.

Kawacom (U) Ltd is not only a provider of high quality Ugandan robusta and arabica coffee, but is also the forerunner in the development, establishment, and export of organic coffee in Sub-Sahara Africa. Committed to upholding its reputation of excellence, Kawacom continues to be recognized as a leader within the Ugandan coffee community. Kawacom (U) Ltd believes the reason for its growth, is its focus on quality and innovation, and a continued desire to bring the best of Uganda’s coffee to the world.

Kawacom is recognized as the guarantor of high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee within Uganda.  Over the last 13 years the company has positioned itself as the market leader in innovation, having spearheaded the development of the first organic coffee projects in the country.

In 1998, Kawacom started the development of Certified Coffees in Uganda and has continued to work closely with farmers which has led to the establishment of 8 (Eight) projects in the  districts of:  Kapchorwa (Eastern Uganda)- Bugisu Arabica Coffee, Bushenyi (Western Uganda)- Robusta Coffee, Paidha (North West Uganda)- Arabica Okoro Coffee, Kasese  (Southwestern Uganda)- Drugar (Dried Uganda Arabica), Rukungiri (Southwestern Uganda); Natural Robusta, and 3 projects in Central region to boost the Natural Robusta volumes: Kiboga, Kikyusa and Kayunga.  Kawacom is the only exporter that offers UTZ certified Drugar in Uganda.

Pioneering as the first producer to export Organic and UTZ certified coffee, Kawacom continues to work with farmers and their communities to ensure quality and sustainable agriculture and has recently acquired Rainforest Alliance Certified certificate for Bugisu and Okoro arabica coffees.

In addition to our already well-established projects, Kawacom is playing a part in attempting to reverse the declining trend in coffee production in Uganda through establishment of coffee production and quality enhancement project nurseries in almost all areas of operation.

The Bushenyi project for example constructed 2 nurseries, each housing 200,000 seedlings, and planted a mother garden, from which cuttings have been, and will continue to be distributed to farmers.

A central pulpery near Sipi trading Centre in the Eastern part of Uganda was also established where centralized wet processing of the coffee cherries guarantees consistent level of quality and crop control. Additionally, the wet mill is equipped with a dryer to ensure optimal drying of the processed parchment as well as a state of the art Retractable Drying Roof structure.

Kawacom’s purchasing system is such that farmers conveniently deliver fresh coffee cherries for collection and transportation to the pulpery.  The high quality coffee attracts both higher value and increased demand resulting in an improved income to the farmers, who have also undergone training on coffee handling in the newly commissioned Farmers Training center.

At Kawacom, coffee is more than just a business.  It is a commitment to a country, its culture and its incredible biodiversity.