Kenya – Supporting farmers from tree to export

kenya_projectSustainable Management Services Ltd. (SMS) is ECOM’s Kenyan vehicle to support farmers and address issues of agricultural degradation. The model aims to improve coffee supply chains through direct involvement and year-round provision of services to producers.

To address issues facing farmers, SMS has established multi-stakeholder collaborations and projects with NGOs, clients and even competitors. A solid team of business agronomists from SMS work with farmers and their co-operatives as a for-profit service provider. Farmers are offered training in good agricultural practices, farm and mill-management advisory, and marketing support. Through its deep contact with farmers, SMS is able to provide credit for inputs with solid risk management. SMS has run projects with NGOs to assess climate change impacts and strategies for farmers.

ECOM’s goal with SMS is to foster a competitive, diversified service platform – in Kenya and worldwide – that enables farmers and co-ops to increase profitability and improve quality and sustainability of the supply chain over time.