Management Trainee Program at ECOM Agroindustrial Corp Ltd

With over 170 years of market experience, ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. is committed to sustainable and socially responsible leadership within the soft commodities industry. ECOM’s global operations rely on extensive knowledge and experience in supply chain traceability, risk management and client focused distribution to create a valuable and sustainable supply chain, starting from the local farmers and their communities through to the world’s leading finished-product manufacturers.

ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd is a leading global commodity merchant and sustainable supply chain management company focusing primarily on coffee, cotton, and cocoa and operating in more than 40 major producing countries worldwide.

Our Management Trainee Programs have been established to attract and develop talented and ambitious young graduates interested in becoming the leaders we need and want for ECOM’s future.

The 2-3 year Management Trainee programs use a rotation structure that allows Management Trainees to work both in Origin Operations and our Trading Offices. The Management Trainee programs are designed to provide you both a comprehensive understanding and a strong practical experience of all areas of the business, such as Operations, Trading, Trade Finance, Accounting and Management, in order to prepare you for future challenging opportunities within the ECOM Group.

We are looking for highly motivated university graduates with strong interest for the soft commodity business and are ready and able to work in our Origin Operations often on the ground in developing country locations. To be successful at ECOM, we need people with a strong focus on delivering quality work with strong work ethic combined with excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to adapt to changes and work in a diverse multinational company.  Selection will be based on many factors such as availability, qualifications, experience and candidates’ interest.

The ECOM Group will offer you the opportunity to launch and build your career in an international, multicultural environment where you will be able to help create a positive and sustainable impact in your business area.

The Management Trainee program’s intake period can vary depending upon on the commodity or business function.  

The Coffee Management Trainee program intakes are generally twice per year in April and September (subject to change based on needs).  First assignments will be either in an Origin Operation (South America, Africa, and Asia Pacific) or in one of our Trading Offices (Switzerland, UK, USA, Singapore, etc.).  During the 3 year Management Trainee program, your training and experience will be mainly focused on the Coffee commodity sector.

The Latin America Management Trainee Program is generally a 2 year Management Trainee period with job rotations in the various commodities and business functions in the Latin America countries (e.g. Cocoa, Coffee, Operations, etc.). Intake is generally during the summer months of each year.

Cocoa Bean Management Trainee program (intake throughout the year based on needs) with assignments in either Origin Operations or in one of our Trading Offices.

Internal Audit Management Trainee Program – Management Trainees are developed into internal audit roles initially with possible opportunities in Finance / Accounting later. The Management Trainee program period is approximately 3-4 years.

How to apply

Further information:

Sam Taylor’s contact (Cocoa Bean)

Melanie Demiere’s contact (Coffee/Coffee Speciality)

Jorge Rodriguez’s contact (Latin America Trainee Program/Audit Program)