Nigeria – Training for UTZ and RA certification with a strong focus on yield improvement


Building on the successful experiences in Ivory Coast, the Yara cocoa sustainability project seeks to increase farmer yields through training in:

  • GAP – Good Agricultural Practices
  • Pest control
  • Use of fertilizer
  • Introduction of high yielding and more disease-resistant tree varieties
  • Grafting

To date, success has been significant and measurable:

  • Six farmer organizations have developed their own trained teams for “Internal Control Systems”
  • 794 farmers received their UTZ certificate in May 2011 and are among Nigeria’s first 2,000 certified cocoa farmers. An additional 1,000 farmers are on track for certification in early 2012.
  • A project with Dutch NGO Aflatoun will provide education in social and financial studies for 1000 farmer children. The project is funded by the ECOM Foundation.