Our Brands and Factories

We sell and process cocoa beans through two primary brands that are positioned to serve the needs of our global customers, offering premium and competitive options for powders, mass and butters.

Dutch Cocoa

Our cocoa beans have been processed in the Netherlands for over 150 years. Dutch Cocoa is a part of this strong legacy and uses this experience to supply some of the world’s premium cocoa powders today.

Dutch Cocoa’s state-of-the-art facility allows us to produce richly coloured powders with distinct flavour profiles that can be tailored to specific client needs. These can then be used in ice creams, fillings, baking, compound chocolate, drinks and a range of other applications. The powders are sought after by some of the world’s largest food companies, as well as by hundreds of small- and medium-sized food businesses around the world.

Dutch Cocoa also produces cocoa mass in liquid form, block or kibbled, as well as deodorised cocoa butter.

In line with ECOM’s sustainability focus, Dutch Cocoa offers sustainable and certified products such as Rainforest Alliance , Fairtrade and organic.

As part of Dutch Cocoa’s commitment to serving the needs of a diverse customer base, the brand also supplies cocoa powders, mass and butter that have been certified halal and kosher.

Tulip Cocoa

Tulip products are a select group of competitively priced low-fat powders, butter and mass produced on three continents. The brand offers certified cocoa products that can be certified as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance , as well as halal and kosher.

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