ECOM Sustainable Coffee Projects

kenya_projectKenya – Supporting farmers from tree to export

Sustainable Management Services Ltd. (SMS) is ECOM’s Kenyan vehicle to support farmers and address issues of agricultural degradation. The model aims to improve coffee supply chains through direct involvement and year-round provision of services to producers. To address issues facing farmers, SMS has established multi-stakeholder collaborations and projects with NGOs, … read more

tanzania_projectTutunze, Tanzania – Building a platform for sustainable trade through certification

ECOM’s export company in Tanzania, Tutunze Kahawa Ltd., specializes in the trade of high quality, fully washed arabica coffee purchased directly from farmer groups. The company’s strategy is to build a platform for sustainable trade with small and medium-sized producers, rewarding them for implementing internationally recognized standards of production. Some … read more

uganda_projectKawacom, Uganda – Assisting growers across the country in adopting better farming practices to improve export quality

Kawacom, through its sustainable projects department, assists growers in adopting better farming practices and obtaining certifications. The year-round efforts in 7 projects across Uganda ensure that farmers can add value to their crops and that ECOM, as an exporter, will add value to the final consumer’s cup and to the … read more

indonesia_projectIFC & Indo Cafco, Indonesia – Providing training to improve productivity and create a network for a global supply chain

Indonesia is the fourth-largest coffee producer in the world but the industry faces a range of challenges to meet potential export market opportunities. In December 2011, IFC and PT Indo Cafco, ECOM’s Indonesian coffee export operation, opened a new training center to help 4,500 small coffee farmers meet international standards … read more

central_america_projectCentral America – Partnership for Quality with Nespresso and IFC

An ambitious partnership helps farmers meet the demanding cup quality and environmental quality requirements of Nespresso. As one of the most discerning roaster clients at the top end of the coffee market, The Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program has established a demanding sustainability verification program, that builds on the Rainforest … read more

mexico_nicaragua_projectMexico and Nicaragua – New Varieties and Qualitivity

Generally speaking, highly productive farming systems have delivered lower quality coffees and high quality agro forestry has lower productivity. To simultaneously meet the demands for productivity, quality and sustainability, innovation in tree stock is critical. CIRAD, the renowned French agricultural research institute, has conducted research and plant breeding since 1990 … read more

peru_projectBio Azul, Peru

Bio Azul was launched in early 2003 in a joint effort between Cafetelera Amazonica and 14 coffee farmers in the community of San Juan, in Central Peru, who met to discuss how to work together to improve farming practices, productivity and coffee quality. Bio Azul has grown steadily and now … read more