ECOM understands the crucial importance of preventing contamination when producing oil and animal feed from oil seeds. Staff receive extensive training and detailed handling procedures have been developed that are subject to regular independent inspections.

ECOM’s oil seed plants in Paraguay have been certified under the Feed Material Assurance Scheme (FEMAS). FEMAS is the internationally accepted standard for the safe delivery of animal feed materials.

The safety and integrity of ingredients used in animal feed materials is becoming of particular concern, especially in light of the recent increase in disease outbreaks such as BSE (mad cow disease). Animal feed ingredients are considered a principal cause of these diseases that, upon entering the human food chain, have devastating and debilitating consequences.

ECOM has a profound understanding of the horrific outcomes that can arise from contaminated sources. In order to prevent and eliminate potential issues, all relevant ECOM staff receive the appropriate training on correct handling techniques. Through FEMAS certification, ECOM has modified and implemented the strictest quality practices to ensure the proper handling and traceability of raw materials throughout the entire production process.