Tutunze, Tanzania – Building a platform for sustainable trade through certification

tanzania_projectECOM’s export company in Tanzania, Tutunze Kahawa Ltd., specializes in the trade of high quality, fully washed arabica coffee purchased directly from farmer groups. The company’s strategy is to build a platform for sustainable trade with small and medium-sized producers, rewarding them for implementing internationally recognized standards of production. Some of the services that ECOM delivers to farmers through Tutunze include:

Advisory Services – field advisory services to farmers to increase production through good agricultural practices. Training in bookkeeping, intercropping and environmental and financial best practice allow farmers to generate higher and more sustainable incomes.

Supply Services – Especially in remote areas in the Southern Highlands, farmers do not have access to adequate inputs. Tutunze Kahawa therefore provides additional services to supply farm inputs, tools and seedlings, and also supports farmers to obtain credit and services from banks and governmental institutions.

Central Pulping Unit Services (wet mills) – Tutunze Kahawa’s own wet mills allow producers to convert their harvests from traditionally semi-washed into fully washed coffees of a higher quality and price. By paying cash for every delivery of coffee, they also ensure farmers access the income stream much sooner than those producers who sell to their harvests through the auction.

Marketing – Tutunze Kahawa is working to certify producers who deliver cherry to its wet mills, as well as promoting fine coffees to the international specialty market. In 2010/11, one of Tutunze’s coffees was voted the best Tanzanian coffee in the National Taste of Harvest cupping competition.