In 2006, the ECOM Foundation was established to support projects with the producer communities it works with that are outside of the scope of supply chain improvement.

In 2006, the ECOM Foundation for the Development of Origin Resources was established to support projects in the origin producing communities of coffee, cotton, and cocoa. Projects developed and funded focus on healthcare, education, and humanitarian eforts which have a commitment to long term sustainability. The ECOM Foundation ensures this by working together with local non-government organizations, other public charities, corporations and local and national governments.


Of the many projects funded by the ECOM Foundation,   ECOM is proud to share a selection of a few below:

  • ECOM Foundation Satellite Schools, (currently 7 installations) in rural El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico. These schools are multi-grade level, and multi-curriculum, built including computer stations providing curriculum via satellite transmission from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. The schools are also available for the use of the local farming communities during evenings and weekends for research and tutorials via the internet.
  • Grounds for Health ~ Cervical Cancer Clinic (Mexico, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Peru) in partnership with Grounds for Health and the World Health Organization, employing a “Single Visit Approach” designed by the Gates’ Foundation.
  • Basic Needs (Kenya) partnering to provide family-focused programs to improve social and economic status in coffee growing regions.
  • Educate! (Uganda) conducting leadership and entrepreneurial programs in secondary schools for over 5,694 students in the Uganda and Rwanda coffee region.
  • Daisy School (India) a pre-school caring for and educating children from the poorest slums, while their families are at work during the day.
  • Orphanage & Hospice Restorations (Indonesia)
  • Ribai Health Clinic (Kenya)
  • Water Well Projects (Kenya, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea)

In addition to the charitable work done by the ECOM Foundation, countless more projects are funded by ECOM companies for their own local charities.


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