ECOM is differentiated by being an origin-integrated company, purchasing directly from farmers and processing products for export, with operations in more than 35 producing countries around the world.

As a local processor, ECOM’s long-term profitability is closely linked to the profitability of its farmer suppliers. The success of ECOM in the long-term depends on these local farmers networks and their supply of sufficient quantity of quality products to meet the needs of ECOM’s manufacturing clients.

For this reason, ECOM works closely with farmers to help them to improve yields, quality and, in turn, their income. With training, access to markets, inputs and technology, farmers can produce more and better products. By providing valued services to farmers, such as assistance in obtaining internationally-recognized certifications, ECOM aims to earn their loyalty as their preferred buyer and is able to offer differentiated products and solutions to the most discerning clients.


The strength of the ECOM Group lies in its origin operations. Each local ECOM company is accountable for its profitability and its sustainability programs. This decentralized model has served ECOM well for many years because every local market and commodity supply chain is different. Each local ECOM company develops sourcing and farmer development strategies that reflect the local needs of farmers and their business realities. Traceable supply chains ensure the absence of child and forced labor. Communities and families are strengthened.

Despite different conditions and needs in each country, all of ECOM’s operations and farmer development programs share a common structure:

This is a ladder of continuous improvement that farmers can ascend, with each step a precursor to the next. In its maturity, by providing a package of services training and credit, and improving yields and quality, ECOM establishes year-round, longterm relationships with farmers. This simultaneously serves ECOM’s purchasing ambitions and serves growers’ ambitions by increasing income opportunity through higher yields and better quality.

From a business perspective, there is synergy in the combination of training, certification, credit and purchasing, each strengthening and supporting the other.