image by: Phillippe Courtelle, Nicaragua

ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd is a leading global commodity merchant and sustainable supply chain management company. As an origin-integrated business operating in 35 major producing countries worldwide, ECOM focuses primarily on coffee, cotton, and cocoa, as well as participating in selected other agricultural product markets. ECOM is one of the top two merchants in coffee, the largest coffee miller, amongst the top four merchants in cocoa, and the Top 5 International Cotton Merchants, making ECOM a top tier participant in each of its core businesses.

With over 171 years of market experience, ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. is committed to sustainable and socially responsible leadership within the soft commodities industry. ECOM’s global operations rely on extensive knowledge and experience in supply chain traceability, risk management and client focused distribution to create a valuable and sustainable supply chain, starting from the local farmers and their communities through to the world’s leading finished-product manufacturers.

Cocoa Sustainability Report 2021

Growing a smarter future for cocoa

Cocoa Sustainability Report 2021
Smarter Cocoa Charter

Sustainability Annual Report 2020

Central to ECOM’s success is building sustainable practices for all global communities in which it operates.

SMS Annual report 2020

Sustainability Certification

Certification serves as a language that enables consistent values to be communicated up and down the supply chain. ECOM works with all of the leading certification standards: Utz Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, 4C, C.A.F.E. Practices, AAA, 4C.


Providing climate services to help reach your greenhouse gas emissions targets through reduction and removal projects