ECOM supplies high quality cocoa products

Our cocoa products offer a range of quality options for a variety of finished goods, including chocolate, ice cream, fillings, desserts, baked goods, creams, drinks and compound chocolate. Our precision processing techniques mean our customers can be assured of exceptional taste, colour and performance across all our product categories.

With over 100 years of experience making direct supplies to the chocolate industry, we have an in depth knowledge of customers and their needs, as well as a legacy in making cocoa products. We specialise in the practical logistics of transporting solid and liquid product, and we are skilled in meeting the blending requirements, quality specifications and product presentation required by our customers. The powders we create are sought after by some of the world’s largest food companies, as well as by hundreds of small- and medium-sized food businesses around the world.

Our brands

Experience in excellence 

Dutch Cocoa

Processing in the Netherlands for over 150 years, Dutch Cocoa has a strong legacy in supplying some of the world’s premium natural & alkalized powders, deodorized butter and mass. Our state-of-the-art facility produces richly colored powders, low & high fat, with distinct flavor profiles.

Tulip Cocoa

Tulip products are a select group of value-driven, high quality, low-fat natural and alkalized cocoa powders, cocoa butter and cocoa mass produced on three continents. With our global presence we are able to serve the needs of both individual customers and vast market segments.

ECOM Mexico products

We offer high quality natural & alkalized cocoa powder, with a full range of colours and PH levels to fulfill our customer needs. Produced at our facility in Mexico, featuring one of our R&D and Application Lab centers, we serve our chocolate and confectionery customers in the region.

Our offerings
Cocoa Mass

Cocoa mass, also known as cocoa liquor, is the key flavour ingredient to produce any type of chocolate. ECOM Cocoa's bean grinding facilities are able to offer a range of standard and tailor made liquors in liquid or solid form.

Based on different bean origins and roasting parameters, providing a variety of cocoa mass flavor options, we give our customers the possibility to produce high quality premium chocolates.

Through our extensive network of affiliated and partner factories throughout the world, and through our direct relationships with farmers and co-operatives, we can offer our customers even a wider variety of options to give chocolate their signature taste.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements furthers.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is the essential ingredient to give chocolate the desired consistency and texture.

ECOM cocoa offers Pure Prime Pressed cocoa butter according to the highest quality specifications and customer specific parameters, resulting in chocolate products with excellent crystallization properties and great taste. We offer our deodorised and natural cocoa butter in both liquid and solid forms.

Our unique combination of production facilities and our global network enables us to offer stable quality and flexible solutions to our clients. 

Cocoa powder

Powder is the most versatile of all our products and can be used in fillings, ice creams, baked goods, compound chocolate and more. The powder’s taste depends on the beans, alkalisation and roasting processes, all of which affect the intensity of the finished product.

At ECOM, we offer a variety of powder types, all made using quality beans and with the benefit of over 150 years of experience. All our cocoa products can be offered as certified under Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade.

For more details about our powders for application please see our fact sheet below.

Our powders for application

Richly coloured powders with distinct flavours


Application bakery

The unique composition of its dough is what makes bakery applications so special. A strong alkalized cocoa powder will have the best performance in this application. It will bring about the rich and chocolaty impression that goes hand in hand with the intensity of the color!

Application compound

Compound chocolate is a specific application for powder as it brings a very strong colour and a complex flavour profile to the product. This can be done using non-alkalized or alkalized cocoa powder; however, using alkalized will bring about even better features to the application.

Application dairy

One of the most successful applications of cocoa powder is chocolate drinks. This product is available in many different configurations: ready-to-drink in hot or cold form; freshly prepared or shelf stable. The cocoa powder used for this should be versatile to adapt to all the different needs.

Application fillings

When applied in crèmes and fillings, cocoa powder needs to deliver a clean taste. In both bakery and confectionery applications it is being used to add support to the overall impact of the biscuit or chocolate.

Application ice cream

Without a doubt one of the all-time most popular flavors in ice cream has been chocolate. This is not surprising; the melting properties of an ice cream bear similarities with that experienced when eating a chocolate tablet.


See cocoa map for locations of factories and product origins


Committed to a smarter future


We recently launched our Smarter Cocoa Charter, which sets out commitments and time-bound targets to increase farmer prosperity, protect nature and improve traceability in cocoa.

The detailed ambitions in the Charter include a commitment by ECOM to train 100% of farmers within its origin-sourced supply chain, identified as at high risk of negative impacts of climate change, in climate-smart agriculture by the end of 2025. Climate-smart techniques are catered to farmers’ specific needs, and can include training on good soil management, pest control and shade management. To help diversify income and enhance climate resilience, the Charter also sets a goal to establish agroforestry models, such as farming systems to help enhance forest cover, sequester carbon, and improve biodiversity and soil health. Additionally, the implementation of monitoring systems in 100% of ECOM’s origin-sourced supply chains by the end of 2023.

Details of the Charter can be found within our first annual Cocoa Sustainability Report.