Sustainability at ECOM means focusing on improving farm productivity and product quality, leading in turn to lower costs and higher incomes. ECOM’s goal is for farmers to produce more and better product and for coffee, cocoa and cotton farming to provide opportunities for dignified and profitable livelihoods for generations to come.


At its most fundamental, sustainability at ECOM means ensuring an orderly business environment, where valued relationships and the sharing of information reduces supply chain risks, costs, and inefficiencies. Our sustainability work should lead to better business results through better supply chain relationships, lower risk and lower supply chain costs.

Sustainability strategy at ECOM is about providing services that its clients need:

Serving buyer-clients with differentiated products and solutions – by providing better quality, traceability and certification, and collaboration to improve supply chains from farm to customer.

Serving producer-clients to be better, more profitable farmers – by providing training to attain certification (to UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ standards, for example) and helping them to trade into higher value markets. ECOM provides growers with access to information—from better farming practices to market data to innovations—so they can produce more, better, and more profitably.

Unconventional collaborations to address challenging issues – to make agriculture sustainable for the long-run means contributing to the viability of producer communities and anticipating issues like climate change, water scarcity, and competition between crops for land. We work with NGOs, banks and clients to bringtogether different views and complementary skill sets to tackle these challenges.

At ECOM, sustainability is a core business strategy. At ECOM, sustainability is neither charity nor “corporate responsibility” separate from the main business. Rather, sustainability is a core business strategy. ECOM is continuously developing internal capacities and systems to maintain the pace of its innovation and foster collaboration within its networks and across markets.

ECOM has established a youtube channel ( Various videos ranging from sustainable supply chain efforts and technical assistance to philanthropic endeavors can be found on this channel.

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