A business unit of ECOM Agroindustrial Corp.Ltd, Miravet S.A. is a risk management firm specializing in commodities. With offices across the globe, our hedge advisors work locally with you to understand your needs and market views and to suggest the most appropriate, tailored risk management strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

Initially known as ECOM Financial Services Ltd, the company changed its name into Miravet S.A. in 2019.

But our mission remains the same: we manage risk because we keep on thinking that in the world of commodities, one only thing is certain: Risk never ends.

In order to provide wise advice, Miravet does not trade for its own account, neither OTCs nor physical and is fully dedicated to bring tailor-made solutions to our clients during the life of the products, from training to structuring, monitoring and reporting.

Committed to best-in-class execution, monitoring and measuring the result of the proposed hedge strategies throughout the life cycle of that hedge, our team of Hedge Advisors is the most experienced team in the industry with over 100 years of combined experience with a diverse background.

As a summary, Miravet does one thing only, and we do it better than anyone else: We manage risk.

Nimble and flexible, Miravet competitive advantages among others are:

  • Tailored and diversified hedging solutions
  • Guidance on risk management strategy
  • Serve ECOM trade desks and embedded clients
  • Embedded in physical solutions
  • Responsiveness and reactivity
  • Quick and easy onboarding process
  • Counterparty strength