Our Accreditations and Affiliations

At ECOM, we understand that external accreditations are a symbol of trust for consumers around the world. As part of our work to operate a more sustainable supply chain and to proactively support our clients to meet their own sustainability targets, we have sought certification from a host of the world’s most recognised initiatives.

These include: Fairtrade International, Fairtrade USA, Rainforest Alliance, EU, NOP and Biosuisse Organic, Fair for Life, and client specific verification programs, as well as entity specific assessments completed by third parties like Ecovadis and/or SEDEX.

ECOM is also closely affiliated with many industry leading sustainability organizations and we are board members at the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) and the European Cocoa Association (ECA), members of SWISSCO and Beyond Chocolate , and signatories of numerous initiatives, including: the Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI), Just Rural Transition (JRT), and Jacobs Foundation-led Child Learning and Education Facility (CLEF) and Early Learning and Nutrition (ELAN).