ECOM is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, legal, environmentally and socially responsible manner and is one of the leading suppliers of commodity raw materials and related services to coffee roasters, cotton textile mills, and chocolate manufacturers worldwide. It is a uniquely origin-integrated company, meaning it is focused on buying from producers at origin, providing primary processing, logistics and risk management services and selling to the branded product manufacturers.


Supplier Code of Conduct

ECOM is committed to protecting the environment, enhancing traceability and expanding the development of sustainable production programmes. ECOM expects its suppliers to commit to doing business in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner. ECOM’s Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the standards expected of our Suppliers and it provides a framework within which to work regardless of local laws, company policies, cultural norms and business practices around the world. These standards are globally aligned across ECOM and all suppliers to ECOM must comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct PDF

Modern Slavery Statement

ECOM continuously works with their business partners and clients around the world to eliminate modern slavery or human trafficking from our supply chains. ECOM’s Modern Slavery Statement sets out the policies and processes in place to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking.

Current Modern Slavery Statement
Modern Slavery Statement for 2018
Modern Slavery Statement for 2017
Modern Slavery Statement for 2016

Environmental and Social Policy

ECOM’s commitment is to improve our environmental performance wherever possible, as this contributes positively to our business. A minimum is compliance with all local regulatory guidelines and requirements, but in most cases, it is expected that our practices will exceed such requirements. Operations are to maintain emergency response plans suited to the business, and in new projects, incorporate all local environmental impact issues in planning.

Environmental and Social Policy

Ethics Concerns Policy

ECOM is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity and we expect all staff to maintain high standards. This policy exists for any third party to raise awareness of any suspected wrongdoing.

Ethics Concerns Policy