AMSA recognized as a Socially Responsible Company for 17 years!


Last month, The Mexican Center for Philanthropy, A.C. (CEMEFI), and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico (AliaRSE), has recognized Agroindustrias Unidas de México, S.A. of C.V. for having obtained the ESR® 2024 Distinction for the 17th consecutive year, as a result of our public and voluntary commitment to implement socially responsible management.


This highlights AMSA’s commitment to continuously improve and increase the standards of its corporate social responsibility in the evaluated areas such as Quality of Life in the Company, Ethics and Business Governance, Linkage with the Community and Care and Preservation of the Environment.

We received this distinction with pride and continue with the firm commitment to our clients and suppliers to maintain sustainable development, generating a positive impact for our communities with impact initiatives in our business units.





Great Place to Work


ECOM Peru (Cafetalera Amazónica S.A.C.), ECOM Ecuador (Agroarriba S.A.), ECOM Costa Rica, EISA have recently been recognized for their excellence in the work environment. 


For these operations, obtaining GPTW certification is only the first step in their ongoing commitment to the well-being of their employees. They are now focusing on identifying areas for improvement based on the results of the work climate survey and implementing concrete actions to strengthen the organizational culture and promote the professional and personal development of their team.


Peru & Ecuador


Costa Rica





Women's Leadership Program in Central America 


Human Resources teams from Nicaragua and Costa Rica have been promoting a project since last year called the "Women's Leadership Program." The objective is to strengthen ourselves as a community of women who build each other up by learning from one another's personal or professional experiences, thus creating empathy, respect, and mutual support.


To date, it has become a regional program, as they have had the participation of women not only from Nicaragua and Costa Rica but also from Honduras and Mexico. Last Friday, they started the second phase of the program, where initially they will be addressing topics focused on "Emotionally Intelligent Women."


They have created a website that contains all the information about the program, the topics covered in all sessions, a photo gallery, and educational material/tools for women to put into practice what they have learned in every aspect of their lives.






EISA Santos Dinner 


Dear Coffee Friends, 

This year, the International Coffee Seminar, traditionally hosted in Guaruja, is was held in Santos for the first time. It reflects a union of tradition and new beginnings. 

We at EISA shared a pleasant moment with us at our exclusive dinner in the most charming and important coffee place in Brazil, the Bolsa do Café.







ECOM Risk Management 1st Get Together meeting



In June, ECOM Risk Management hosted its first global Get Together meeting in Geneva. This event marked the 10th anniversary of our risk management operations following the acquisition of Armajaro and provided an excellent opportunity for our team to connect in person after years of growth and virtual interactions. It was also a chance to introduce Geneva to those who had never visited Switzerland.


Our meetings were productive, fostering team synergies and allowing us to outline our strategic goals for the coming years. ECOM Risk Management stands out for its cohesion and team spirit, with everyone united around one main objective: serving our clients' best interests.





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Nurturing Soil Health in Vietnam

The SMS team in Vietnam have been working to soil erosion through structured trainings, refining their soil health and nutrition projects, and creating an impressive soil program catered to each individual farmer certified through their system.

Coffee Sustainability
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Better Life Farming in Mexico

Since 2013, SMS implemented various actions to promote farm renovation, focusing on training and awareness among producers about the advantages of coffee plantation renewal.

Coffee Sustainability
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Public welfare activities for students in Chinese coffee communities

In order to improve the vocational skills of disabled students and enable them to master a skill. On April 18, the SMS department of Pu'er Tianchen Coffee Co., Ltd., and delegates went to Pu'er Special Education School to carry out public welfare activities to build the capacity of coffee community students.

Sustainability Coffee
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Deep diving into traceability with the Vietnam SMS team

Chronicles of Michaela’s travels" 2024 edition is now live! After Latin America Last year, she now headed to Vietnam where she travelled with the SMS operations. She will be narrating her trip and experiences through a mini-series which will be shared throughout the rest of the calendar year.

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Strengthening the knowledge of cacao producers in Peru

In an effort to promote sustainable improvement in cocoa production, ECOM Peru brought together 70 associated producers in an enriching field event on January 30 and 31 in the Huánuco region.

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Clean Water Access for Smallholder Farmers in Uganda

In 2021 Kawacom initiated a three-year project in partnership with Taylors of Harrogate with a focus on water, sanitation, and hygiene aimed to support 13,500 farmers and their families in the coffee-growing communities around the Sipi region.

Coffee Cocoa
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A Transformative Project for Sustainable Farmers

In November 2023, our “Coffee, Cocoa and Climate Change '' project in collaboration with the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ in Nicaragua was concluded. Read more about it here.

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Gulfood Dubai 2024

It's a wrap! The ECOM Village reopened its doors at the Gulfood in Dubai from the 19th to 23rd February and for the first time as a cross commodity show! Read more about it here.

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NetZero e EISA anunciam parceria pioneira para construção de uma fábrica de biochar em Machado (MG)

NetZero, green tech francesa pioneira na valorização de resíduos agrícolas em biochar, e EISA café, Empresa Interagrícola S.A. do Grupo ECOM, anunciam a construção de uma fábrica de biochar em Machado (MG).